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Flower Festival at St Mary's

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'Light up your life 'was the theme of the Flower Festival at Mellis Church this year and it was well named. 

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Commencing Friday evening the church was given (dare I say it?) an almost 'clubby' feel. Rows of lanterns led visitors along the centre aisle past illuminated flower arrangements, then under the rood screen overhung with twinkly lights into a cosy clubby chancel with more twinkly lights. Cheese and wine were being served and even a pianist was providing romance - or was it dissonance to the event. 

Anyway it was a fitting start to the Flower Festival which brought in plenty of visitors, and this time the weather did justice to all the work and planning beforehand. A total of £1608 was raised, and while it won't quite pay for the wobbly window and broken guttering it was a great community effort.

So thanks to the Flower arrangers; the stall holders; the cake makers; the 'Mellisians' for singing to the Sunday visitors, and the hard grafters that prepared the churchyard beforehand. 

Pete Scott.


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