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Community Defibrillator


The Mellis community defibrillator (AED) was provided by members of the community who raised funds to purchase it.  It is housed in the former BT telephone kiosk next to the Railway Tavern and is secured in a locked cabinet. You cannot just go along and help yourself to the AED you require an access code.

How does it work?

  • If you dial 999 the Ambulance service control centre has details of our defibrillator (AED) so anyone ringing in the event of a cardiac arrest from the Mellis postcode should be told of its existence and given the code to access it.
  • the machine prompts the user in what to do from the moment the lid of the AED is opened.
  • finally if you do need to use the AED please please make sure it is returned to its home as soon as possible and secured in the box.  Our named contact in the village will be notified that it has been used and he will arrange for it to be serviced with new pads etc. 


You do not necessarily need training to operate this type of AED but you may like to read more on the following websites:

Resuscitation Council (UK)

St John Ambulance