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Welcome to the Mellis eNews


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The Mellis eNews is run by a team of volunteers.  Our aim is to keep the village informed of local events, important issues, and as much useful info as we can muster. Oh and of course there is our e-newsletter, which we publish approximately once every four months. Our COMMUNITY page includes information about local clubs and organisations, where to stay, and of course details on our local hostelry.  While our INFO page provides answers to many of those questions we all ask now and again about local services but don't know where to find an answer from.

You can also find us on FACEBOOK. Just click the link on the left of this page or the f icon at the top of any page  - we regularly post items on Facebook that we think you might be interested in or that concern local issues.  

We hope you find our website interesting and informative. You will find all previous editions of the Mellis eNews e-newsletter on the ARCHIVE page. 

Event details, news items etc can be submitted at any time just let us have a poster or details. Please let us have any items for inclusion in the next Newsletter no later than 28 AUGUST 2018.

Header image for the current edition courtesy of Penny Morgan Photography - barn owls are often to be seen hunting over Mellis Common.  This fantastic shot was taken by Penny when the owl was flying on the eastern side of Mellis Common.